Coolbus Treats grand opening!

The Coolbus rolled out for it's grand opening on Wednesday, March 31st! We visited Carroll High School to share the Coolbus with the visual arts class that designed our logos and to allow the transition class (that our boys attend, and the class we'll be partnering with next school year) to purchase ice cream. Ozark's mayor also came out to see the bus and buy some ice cream!

While at the high school, we had the opportunity to share the mission of Coolbus Treats with Abby Nelson from WTVY in Dothan.

The Coolbus was featured on the 6 o'clock news:

We also visited Jenna Mack- State Farm Insurance to sell some ice cream to our favorite insurance agents. Susan and the entire Jenna Mack team are awesome to work with. They're providing the insurance for the Coolbus and will also be hosting the bus in the future.

The boys did GREAT on their first day of selling ice cream. They've been working hard to learn their jobs over the past couple of weeks.

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