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Daycares & Schools


Invite Coolbus Treats to your school, daycare, after school or summer camp program! We offer smart snack compliant options to meet nutritional guidelines. We have products from a certified nut free facility and a detailed nutition menu for children with allergen and special dietary needs. 

We can attend any events your hosting:
Field Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, PTO events, sporting events, summer camps and more.








We can provide the traditional ice cream truck experience with our full menu or provide you with a limited product menu, including Smart Snack and allergy free compliant options.


                   For child care facilities, you                       can sign up as a Bus Stop on our                     route, so that your students and                     staff can purchase ice cream at a                      scheduled time each week.


                 We offer the option to use an order                   form template for you to take pre-orders and collect the money in advance so that your students only have to come out to the bus to pick up their treat or they can order and pay at the bus.

If you do not want the full bus visit, but would like to have ice cream at your event or fundraiser, we offer ice cream packages that you can pick up or have delivered. Having a grade level party or honoring a specific class? We can deliver the ice cream! Everything can be customized to fit your needs.


Contact us to discuss how we can partner with you.  

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